If you are looking to join the solar revolution then Tesla Power Wall is one of the best solutions out there. Its maker, Tesla Inc, has vowed to bring green technologies to life. This company has challenged the conventional wisdom from time to time. It has made steep progress in term of giving the world environment friendly solutions. The goal of the company is pretty clear, which is to make products with uncompromised capacity that also are in sync with the laws of mother nature.

Now, let's get to know Tesla Power Wall. It is an energy storage product. So you have some solar panels installed, now you need something to store the energy generated by solar panels, this is where Tesla Power Wall comes into play. It will act as a reservoir of energy. When the sun goes down, this storage device will deliver you quality power seamlessly.

What you would love about Tesla Power Wall is the aesthetic side of it. Its quiet and unobtrusive working makes it a preferred choice among others. It is completely automatic. It does not require you to know any technical skills though it should be installed by a certified installer. But after installation it is 100% maintenance free. It touch safe meaning there is no hot vent or wire out there. it is also weatherproof so you can have it installed it anywhere you like whether indoors or outdoors.

You can manage your Tesla Power Wall through a mobile app. This app gives you real time access to the information. It also helps you control some aspect of it. The device has the built in functionality to be mounted on wall or kept up on the floor. Its design and built would to make you wonder about its power & capacity. Its looks are sure to charm your eyes and heart.

Now let's dig deeper to know if it will be of any use to you and more than that let's find out if it is worth your hard earned money. So the first point we have to understand is that Tesla Power Wall will not take you off the grid. It does not make any practical sense to spend hundreds of dollars to to get off the grid while you have cheap electricity available virtually everywhere. But it also does not mean that you can't set up a power system which saves you money in the long run.

The battery capacity of Power Wall is twice of any in its price range. Its storage capacity is of 14 kWh. The Power Wall has a round trip efficiency of around 92%, which may vary depending on the AC or DC model. The price of the battery is a money saver among its competitors given the battery capacity. Would it make sense to invest money in it?, well, It depends on what you want and where you want it.

Tesla Power Wall will be most helpful if you want an alternative energy solution in areas where electricity is expensive like California or Hawaii. It is worthwhile to get off the grid energy in these and many remote locations. The national average of power cost is around 12.5¢ per kWh and with Tesla Power Wall it would cost you somewhere between 25¢-30¢ per kWh. But again locations where electricity is expensive or rare, this device would come in handy.

The bottom line is if you have a serious need of uninterrupted power supply which is not being fulfilled by conventional sources or is very expensive, then look no further, Tesla Power Wall is without a doubt great option. Suppose you still want to join the solar wagon but you are happy with the current supply of power you are getting, this power wall would be a bit expensive option in short run and fruitful in long run only.

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Solar City Corporation is the biggest solar energy services provider in the United States, and it’s headquarter is in San Mateo, California. The company was started in 2006 by two brothers Peter and Lyndon Rive. The company chairman is the billionaire and businessman Elon Musk who is also the cousin to the two brothers and has equally played a big role to its rapid growth since its inception.

By the year 2013, Solar City was the the top solar energy installer to the residential homes in United States. The main solar energy services provided by the Solar City include installations, designing, issuance of permits, manufacturing, selling, monitoring and maintaining the solar panels and systems. There are several reasons why SolarCity has risen to the top within the short period and be regarded as the best and the most preferred solar energy services provider. These reasons include:


SolarCity has active operations in twenty states namely California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Utah, New York, Texas, Washington and Pennsylvania. Others states include Massachusetts, Delaware, Vermont, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon and Rhode Island. This also makes it possible for their clients to easily access after-sale services such as monitoring and maintenance as well as replacements for new solar panels or systems.

Multiple Friendly Payment Options to the Consumers

Clients who wish to acquire solar energy have multiple options for paying the solar energy services from SolarCity Company. These options include solar power purchase agreement Solar (PPA), lease, purchase, and loan. Solar (PPA) option enables the clients to get their solar systems or panels while paying the products at a locked or constant monthly rate with no upfront cost for installation. SolarCity Company will still own the solar product until the client completes the payment in Solar (PPA) option, but the client will also enjoy the maintenance services from the company.

The purchase option enables the clients to save big on long-term basis, and they are also entitled to 20 years of maintenance and monitoring from the time of the purchase. The solar lease option allows the clients to rent the solar systems while paying a monthly constant amount. You can take a 20-year lease and even sign for a new one when this period comes to an end. The company maintains the solar systems for free with the lease option as well. There are also various loan options for the clients depending on the clients’ repayment capability and agreement between the company and the clients. These payment options cater for the budget needs of every client hence the high level of solar system ownership from the SolarCity Company.

Transparency and Excellent Customer Service

The guests or potential clients are given an open book to assess before making the decision to be the company’s new client. The clients are free to ask any questions, and their terms of the contract between them and the company will be followed to the end. Solar City customer services are incomparable to any other company in the solar services industry, and they are even available to assisting the client when moving to a different home and re-installing the solar panels or system if the contract still stands.

The above qualities of the Solar City Company make it stand out, and yes, Solar City is a good company if you wish to go green and install solar panels and systems.



Solar power technology is constantly improving these days, as people begin to understand incredible solar energy benefits. There is no place in this world where solar wouldn't work. As the solar power continues to gain popularity, the money you invest into installation will likely pay off in the long run.


Life was tough in the olden days because people use to live without electricity. They were facing many problems without electricity like they were not having lights, fans, air conditioner, etc.

 Their life was full of struggles. They had to wake up early as the sun rises and go to work. They would use to work until the sunset. There are lots of differences between the older and modern days. There were no lights, no internet, and no technology. Before the invention of electricity, people would have probably used lanterns, oil lamps, wood fires and candles to light their homes.

 Nowadays, you walk into your house today even after sunset. You can flick a switch, and you press a button on the remote control to watch TV. There are several things for which you depend on electricity to do every day.

 So, how people manage all these activities without electricity? In olden days, individuals did not have any technology or tools through which they can generate power. In this modern age, this has become possible after the invention of solar panel technology. Solar panels are capable of generating solar power through sunlight.


It might be helpful going over a few of the important solar power benefits that are achieved from using solar power.

 Some of its benefits may seem common; some may be doubtful while some may be surprising to you but remember, solar energy is the best renewable resource.

 There is very little maintenance requires for running solar panels. Once solar panels are installed by an expert installer, then you don't need to worry about paying huge power bills.

 These panels make no noise while producing electricity from the sun. By using the sun's light, you can effectively create your power.

 You can expect to save alot of moneyeach year on your power bills. This is the biggest benefit that you can gain by installing solar panels. Other benefits include:

 Using solar energy is free of cost. This is the most important benefit that makes solar power so much popular these days. Paying for oil is an expensive and its cost is still rising. Why pay for costly electricity when you can harness it at zero cost?

 Get paid for the power you generate through government's feed-in-tariff schemes. Send unused electricity back to the grid if your panels are producing abundant power than you require.

 The solar panels are capable of storing the heat generated from the sun and using it when the sun is not shining. Thus, solar power can benefit you even when the days are cloudy.

 Solar power technology is constantly improving these days, as people begin to understand incredible solar energy benefits. There is no place in this world where solar panels wouldn't work, especially solar panels orange county. As the solar power continues to gain popularity, the money you invest into installation will likely pay off in the long run. Consult expert installer for exact installation process before you commit to installing panels on your own for gaining maximum benefits.


Solar micro inverters are innovative to solar power technology. These units greatly simplify the installation and monitoring of grid-connected solar panels and improve the effectiveness of the whole array as well.

Nearly all solar systems would utilize one large, centralized inverter box to transfer from direct current or DC (these are what the panels make) to alternating current or AC (what most buildings and appliances use). Before transferring the power created by each panel, these micro-inverters can convert the energy to a more useful form like AC.

Easier monitoring of competency and problems is one of the good things that these micro-inverters have. Another thing is that also optimizes each panel and inverter settings to maximize the output.

The overall system performance of the solar production can be changed by loads of little things. Things like incompatible component, unnoticed shading, dust, and debris, or even the slight changes in the minute of angle for each panel or array can affect the overall power production of the system.

Individual panel monitoring allows for those doing maintenance or monitoring the system to be aware when leaves, dust, or other things are limiting the potential of one or more panels in an array. Defective components, a loose wire, or other problems are easily detected because of the system. This permits better maintenance which results in improved performance.

The best of the solar micro inverters employ point to point tracking for each module in a panel as well as the panel as a whole. Things like showing you where the shading might be occurring on the panel, where maintenance might be a concern, or where damaged plug or cell is located can be shown by this system.

These numbers as a whole also allow for improved production estimation and modification as more data means less guesswork. Trying to calculate the total size required to meet demands especially when building a system entail a more specific estimation to work.

Reliability is also one of the advantages of these solar micro inverters. With these inverters, even if one breakdown, the rest of the system continues to operate unlike in traditional central inverters where the entire system will be down. Those who plan to rely heavily on their solar power system for their electric needs can use this fact as an essential consideration.

The solar array that uses solar micro inverters can be expanded infinitely not like those who do not use one since no replacement of a central inverter is necessary. This is because as you add a new a panel, you are also adding a requisite inverter. If you will compare this to replacing an inverter each time you add a panel, this can reduce a lot on the expenses you would have to spend.

The largest advantage is that you have a tracking system build for phase. They position and set the tracking while using the module at the top really short amount of time. They're able to go in the future, hook it up to the disconnect and it's in.

Solar microinverters are definitely a great technological boon to the photovoltaic industry and home solar projects.

A photovoltaic power station is a large-scale photovoltaic system (PV system) designed for the supply merchant power into the electricity grid. They are differentiated from most building-mounted and other decentralised solar power applications because they supply power at the utility level, rather than to a local user or users. The cost of electricity continues in the upward trend. Places where abundance of sunlight exists are now extensively using photovoltaic solar panels. One factor that influences the increase in the use of the solar panels is technological advances that had made electricity cheaper. Today, many countries are already harnessing the energy from the sun through the installation of photovoltaic solar panels.

More and more people today are shifting from electricity to solar power. The sun is indeed a very powerful source of energy. It is renewable and non-ending. But most of all, the solar power is cost less and you do not pay for the power you harness from the sun. The photovoltaic solar panels can adequately generate electricity. It is done by converting the energy from the sun.

Photovoltaic emanates from two common words. Photo stands for light while voltaic connotes electricity. The energy from the sun is known as green energy because these are cleaner sources. As technology develops, the efficiency of this renewable energy gets better and more efficient. The solar power has a big advantage over the other renewable sources of energy because they supply power to domestic activities.

We know that energy from the sun is free. However, it does not mean that you just acquire the energy without any expense, because you do have to shell out some money to be able to install these solar panels. Having a photovoltaic solar panel installed in your home can be expensive also. But then, with the diminishing expense on electricity, the investment in the installation has a great payback after some years of use. There are two ways of benefiting from the solar panels. First, you really cut down your expenses on electricity. Second, you can have some cash flowing into your coffers because you can sell the extra generated power. In addition the use of this kind of electricity is environment-friendly which only means that you reduce pollution when you use this type of energy.

Photovoltaic solar panels are growing too fast and as these are used continuously, the rate of usage moves in the upward trend. The photovoltaic solar panels are making use of solar cells to generate the electrical power. These cells are made of silicon, a semiconductor material. In harnessing the power from the sun, the silicon absorbs some of the light and the energy will set loose the electrons in the silicon. The resulting free flow of electron is the generated electricity. This electricity is used when you place metal contacts on the cells.

Places where abundance of sunlight exists are extensively using photovoltaic solar panels. One factor that influences the increase in the use of the solar panels is technological advances that had made electricity cheaper. Today, many countries are already harnessing the energy from the sun.


Natural resources are stores of energy sources. You have coal and petroleum as the traditional sources. But unlike the sun, these traditional sources are not infinite. What we need today in this world where the cost of electricity had zoomed is the solar energy converted into electricity. With this electrical power, you still enjoy the convenience of modern appliances. Yes, the solar energy can also power any kind of modern equipment but without the high cost that is associated with the electricity coming from the traditional sources.

Solar Roadways

We have some interesting interpretations of the concept commonly known as solar roadways. One of the first makes sense for me include the idea of hot asphalt as the solar collector. Other less literal interpretations of the state of Oregon's Solar Highway project, solar-powered signs, and messages boards are already in use across the country. But the term has become about as literal as it can get - so check out solar roadways.

These guys want every mile of asphalt in the country, fully functioning solar panels, panels that say they can turn our entire nation's three power plays over. Now that an ambitious forecast, and the solar industry, this is full. I want to throw my hat, a skeptic on these, but I do not need to. I mean, the obvious answer, say good, easy to use, do not go obviously. We people on the solar panels on the roof, but to us, The cars, trucks, and buses run on it? Your reply to deadpan Solar Roadways? I dare to (speculate) Absolutely.

I have to admit; their design seems very reasonable, not to some one million odd logistical questions - answers to which they aren't likely to reveal the details at this point anyway. Here some general characteristics of the solar system, road of the future: roads are structurally-engineered solar panels to collect solar energy for use in the vicinity of homes and businesses. Current petroleum-based asphalt roads Replace. Embedded LED lights, the "color" the yellow and white lines on the road. The led lights also deliver up-to-the-minute warning for the driver, signs embedded on the road to the upcoming traffic, weather conditions, etc. to warn electric vehicles can recharge on the road again. Needs about 5 billion 12'x12 'panels to cover any asphalt surface in America (including parking), enough to power three times in the United States.

This is an impressive list of goals, and I must admit, does sound like good, but Mr. Burton would say, do not take my word it. These are a lot of guys get attention and some money from the US Department of Energy. According to on their website, they have chosen to develop a $ 100, 000 research grant from the Solar Roadways concept, enough money to be completed a prototype solar panel.

In a world that eagerly seeks alternative energy sources, the concept for a Solar Roadway seems to be one of the possible ways to harness solar energy for everyday purposes. Put to practice it should give us an intelligent road capable of providing clean, renewable energy, and at the same time allowing for safer driving conditions. Besides providing power it would also provide data delivery. This solar roadway should be able to pay for itself through the generation of electricity, but also from other forms of revenue, such as leasing to service providers like telephone, cable TV, and high-speed internet industries.

As you know, it isn't sunny and beautiful year round, anywhere. So what happens in the dark and stormy months of the fall and winter? Well, during weather same as like this, the Solar Roadway would use the energy that it has stored within its layers, to heat up the surface by melting the snow or ice and clearing the roads of hazardous materials. These Solar Roadway is comprised of 3 different layers.

If you are like most people the idea of going solar is intriguing, but you also don't quite understand how it works. Well before you make the decision to move forward with a solar panel system then take a little time to better understand just how Solar panels work.

Here is a great video for beginners.


Another great source for beginners wanting to learn more about solar us to watch some Ted talks. Here are three of the top ted talks on solar power