Solar City

Solar City Corporation is the biggest solar energy services provider in the United States, and it’s headquarter is in San Mateo, California. The company was started in 2006 by two brothers Peter and Lyndon Rive. The company chairman is the billionaire and businessman Elon Musk who is also the cousin to the two brothers and has equally played a big role to its rapid growth since its inception.

By the year 2013, Solar City was the the top solar energy installer to the residential homes in United States. The main solar energy services provided by the Solar City include installations, designing, issuance of permits, manufacturing, selling, monitoring and maintaining the solar panels and systems. There are several reasons why SolarCity has risen to the top within the short period and be regarded as the best and the most preferred solar energy services provider. These reasons include:


SolarCity has active operations in twenty states namely California, Connecticut, New Jersey, Hawaii, Maryland, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Utah, New York, Texas, Washington and Pennsylvania. Others states include Massachusetts, Delaware, Vermont, Colorado, Arizona, Oregon and Rhode Island. This also makes it possible for their clients to easily access after-sale services such as monitoring and maintenance as well as replacements for new solar panels or systems.

Multiple Friendly Payment Options to the Consumers

Clients who wish to acquire solar energy have multiple options for paying the solar energy services from SolarCity Company. These options include solar power purchase agreement Solar (PPA), lease, purchase, and loan. Solar (PPA) option enables the clients to get their solar systems or panels while paying the products at a locked or constant monthly rate with no upfront cost for installation. SolarCity Company will still own the solar product until the client completes the payment in Solar (PPA) option, but the client will also enjoy the maintenance services from the company.

The purchase option enables the clients to save big on long-term basis, and they are also entitled to 20 years of maintenance and monitoring from the time of the purchase. The solar lease option allows the clients to rent the solar systems while paying a monthly constant amount. You can take a 20-year lease and even sign for a new one when this period comes to an end. The company maintains the solar systems for free with the lease option as well. There are also various loan options for the clients depending on the clients’ repayment capability and agreement between the company and the clients. These payment options cater for the budget needs of every client hence the high level of solar system ownership from the SolarCity Company.

Transparency and Excellent Customer Service

The guests or potential clients are given an open book to assess before making the decision to be the company’s new client. The clients are free to ask any questions, and their terms of the contract between them and the company will be followed to the end. Solar City customer services are incomparable to any other company in the solar services industry, and they are even available to assisting the client when moving to a different home and re-installing the solar panels or system if the contract still stands.

The above qualities of the Solar City Company make it stand out, and yes, Solar City is a good company if you wish to go green and install solar panels and systems.