Tesla Power Wall

If you are looking to join the solar revolution then Tesla Power Wall is one of the best solutions out there. Its maker, Tesla Inc, has vowed to bring green technologies to life. This company has challenged the conventional wisdom from time to time. It has made steep progress in term of giving the world environment friendly solutions. The goal of the company is pretty clear, which is to make products with uncompromised capacity that also are in sync with the laws of mother nature.

Now, let's get to know Tesla Power Wall. It is an energy storage product. So you have some solar panels installed, now you need something to store the energy generated by solar panels, this is where Tesla Power Wall comes into play. It will act as a reservoir of energy. When the sun goes down, this storage device will deliver you quality power seamlessly.

What you would love about Tesla Power Wall is the aesthetic side of it. Its quiet and unobtrusive working makes it a preferred choice among others. It is completely automatic. It does not require you to know any technical skills though it should be installed by a certified installer. But after installation it is 100% maintenance free. It touch safe meaning there is no hot vent or wire out there. it is also weatherproof so you can have it installed it anywhere you like whether indoors or outdoors.

You can manage your Tesla Power Wall through a mobile app. This app gives you real time access to the information. It also helps you control some aspect of it. The device has the built in functionality to be mounted on wall or kept up on the floor. Its design and built would to make you wonder about its power & capacity. Its looks are sure to charm your eyes and heart.

Now let's dig deeper to know if it will be of any use to you and more than that let's find out if it is worth your hard earned money. So the first point we have to understand is that Tesla Power Wall will not take you off the grid. It does not make any practical sense to spend hundreds of dollars to to get off the grid while you have cheap electricity available virtually everywhere. But it also does not mean that you can't set up a power system which saves you money in the long run.

The battery capacity of Power Wall is twice of any in its price range. Its storage capacity is of 14 kWh. The Power Wall has a round trip efficiency of around 92%, which may vary depending on the AC or DC model. The price of the battery is a money saver among its competitors given the battery capacity. Would it make sense to invest money in it?, well, It depends on what you want and where you want it.

Tesla Power Wall will be most helpful if you want an alternative energy solution in areas where electricity is expensive like California or Hawaii. It is worthwhile to get off the grid energy in these and many remote locations. The national average of power cost is around 12.5¢ per kWh and with Tesla Power Wall it would cost you somewhere between 25¢-30¢ per kWh. But again locations where electricity is expensive or rare, this device would come in handy.

The bottom line is if you have a serious need of uninterrupted power supply which is not being fulfilled by conventional sources or is very expensive, then look no further, Tesla Power Wall is without a doubt great option. Suppose you still want to join the solar wagon but you are happy with the current supply of power you are getting, this power wall would be a bit expensive option in short run and fruitful in long run only.

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